• One stop solution for all LNG related jobs.
  • We can provide dollar value savings, by fine tuning existing projects and developing operational efficiencies in new projects.
  • Expert of LNG handling, storage and carriage.
  • Experience on all types of LNG operations, repairs, delivery of vessel & dry-docking.
  • Well versed with various aspects of the LNG and Shipping business.
  • Our organization is a mix of experience and youth.
  • Safety as prime importance, along with an eye on commercial needs is our expertise.

Services We Offer

  • Elite services for LNG vessel
    Audit: Cargo / Mooring / Technical
    Compatibility Study: Ship/Shore
    Inspections: Pre-Vetting / Pre-Purchase / Technical
  • Optimoor Study
    Operational Supervision: Cargo / STS / Drydock
    Technical Supervision: Drydocking / Layup Ves